18th July 2015

After Effects, Motion Graphics, camerawork

Along with James Bond and Thunderbirds, anything space-related has always had my full attention. I’ve always had a fascination (or an obsession?) with all things space, and so I jumped at the chance to get involved with this year’s UK Space Conference.


Taking place over two days in Liverpool, I was asked to create an opening animation to open the plenary sessions - five in total over the course of the event. They were using a 3:1 ratio and a huge 16m screen to display, so even though I only had a day or two to work on it, I really wanted it to be epic.


You can take a look at the final animation here, or click below.

I was lucky enough to be asked to film highlights from the event - a reel consisting of clips from presentations, exhibitions and some behind the scenes material. It was great to be given the opportunity - not only because I could put my (fantastic!) new Switronix PB-70 to use - but because I could immerse myself in all the science and engineering. The real highlight for me (apart from meeting / interviewing some of the Beagle 2 team!) was seeing my animation played out in a huge darkened theatre - full volume of course. I often work on large events, but rarely do I get to see my final render played out as it was intended, and it was great to see something that only took a short amount of time to create being well received by the audience and client.


I of course returned from the event with a bag of magazines, books and even a model space-plane, and I look forward to editing together a reel over the next few days.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience, it’s how to put on a great event about space - you planet.



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